Round Roast



We recommend 1/2lb (227g) per person

All our beef comes from our own supply of Black Angus Cattle. They are dry aged for up to five weeks. Through the dry aging process beef looses moisture which intensifies the flavour of the beef. This joint is a very popular piece of meat which is typically pot roasted or slow

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Round Roast as is suggested in the name comes from the Round of beef. The Round of beef comes from the hind quarter (rear end) of the animal. Irish cattle spend a lot of their lives standing and walking out on lush green fields. The muscles that they mostly use come from their legs and necks. The fibres that interconnect in these muscles become strong and tough over time. Cooking is one of the ways to tenderise meat. The heat will break down these fibres. So if the meat that you are using contains a lot of these fibres or if it comes from the leg or neck area you will need to use a suitable cooking method. When pot roasting remember Slow and Low.

We recommend browning the beef first in a little oil over a medium heat. Use a heavy pan. Next transfer the joint into a roasting dish with a lid. Add a small bit of liquid like water, stock or wine. Season the joint with cracked black pepper and sea salt. Feel free to be adventurous. Add fresh herbs, carrots, parsnips or shallots for example. The joint will have plenty of time to infuse with the flavours of these ingredients. Place the joint into the dish and cover with the lid. The heat will turn the water into steam which will cook the joint by putting moisture into it rather than drying it out. Ideally we recommend pot roasting at 150c-160c. The length of time will depend on the size of the joint. Typically 40 minutes per 500g. Test the joint by sticking a fork into the thickest part of the roast. The fork should go in and come out relatively easily.

Pot roasting lends itself better from medium to well done cooked roasts.