Ultimate Steak Box By Luceys


Introducing the ultimate Steak Box!
2 x 10 oz dry-aged Black Angus Striploin steaks
2 x 10 oz dry-aged Black Angus Rib Eye steaks
2 x 8 oz dry-aged Black Angus Fillet steaks
2 x 16oz dry-aged Black Angus T-Bone steaks”

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Luceys Good Food Beef & SteakAll our beef comes from our own supply of Black Angus and Hereford cattle which is reared on a family member’s farm in Rathduff county Cork.

We mature the beef in a special atmosphere controlled coldroom for up to 30 days. This dry aging process ensures that our beef is extremely tender and full of flavour.

We are in full control of the entire process from start to finish which gives us the confidence that our beef is best.

Please check Beef Cooking Times for best cooking instructions.